San Francisco to Seattle with an Alaskan Voyage

15 days

San Francisco to Seattle with an Alaskan Voyage

Boating Based

We love...

Gazing up at some of the tallest trees in the world along the Avenue of the Giants. Listening for the whoosh of a humpback whale as it breaks the surface of the water.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through some of the most stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. A trip of two wildly different halves, we’ll begin by exploring the cosmopolitan metropolis of San Francisco, the picturesque vineyards of Santa Rosa and the ancient forests of Redwood National Park. Then, after boarding the Amtrak train to Seattle, we’ll venture into the icy wilderness of Alaska as we embark on an incredible seven-day cruise to glistening glaciers and historic native towns.