Southwestern Trails

11 days

Southwestern Trails

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Stepping out onto the other-worldly landscape of White Sands National Park. Coming face-to-face with magnificent longhorn cattle at Fort Worth’s historic stockyards.

Get ready to dive into the heart of America's story as we journey through the vast landscapes of Texas and New Mexico. This tour is your ticket to uncover the cultural and historical gems that have shaped the nation. From the Pueblo Indian community in Taos to the legendary 'Old West' tales in Old Tombstone and Fort Worth's historic stockyards, you'll step back in time to experience pivotal moments in American history. Stand where Texan hers fought for freedom at the Alamo and reflect at the site where JFK's legacy lives on in Dallas. But the adventure dsn't stop in the past; we'll also enjoy a NASA Houston visit - the Space Center offers a glimpse into the exciting future of space exploration.